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Message from Chairman

Welcome to Acabes International!

I appreciate your interest in Acabes and encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our legacy, our group’s commitment to growth and our fantastic offering of banking products and services worldwide. We are truly committed to providing best in class technology solutions to our clients and we believe this will be the key enabler driving us forward, in the years to come.

Digital revolution is changing the future of banking and financial Service firms are becoming defined by how they use technology to deliver outstanding customer experiences. To achieve this, we require brilliant minds to innovate, collaborate, and provide ideas to continually evolve the client experience and create new products. All this calls for a highly capable technology workforce with a strong culture that is driven by a clear development strategy to prepare for our future of banking.

We are proud to be making our humble beginning in India and as we look to the future, we are committed to developing Acabes as our Global Capability Centre, that will propel us to march ahead with pace in this new technology paradigm. Acabes will provide a strong foundation for us to deliver cutting edge technology solutions and we are eager to grow our presence here to transform our business and enhance customer experiences globally. I am certain we will also provide an equally enriching environment to work with the best-in-class talent in India to drive our collective progress through this ambitious enterprise.

Acabes’ vision will always be focused on ‘excellence through Innovation’ with utmost quality and unwavering ethics in everything we aspire to do.
Once again welcome to Acabes!
Thank you

Eric Modave
Chairman, Acabes International Pvt Ltd
General Manager AGT, LLC
Chief Operating Officer, Arab Bank Plc


Since our inception, we have aligned our thoughts, principles and ideas with changing times and newer market demands, however our core values uphold standards of work and commitment that have been always drawn from our group values and principles.

Customer Centricity

To relentlessly drive the quality, costs and delivery of our IT services and solutions with utmost customer centricity backed with proactive and prompt communication in order to provide superior customer experience.


To always hold our customers, partners, colleagues, and stakeholders in esteem, dignity and prestige.

Business Ethics

To be dedicated, fair, honest, sincere and transparent in all our professional engagements.


To continuously strive to be technologically innovative and achieve excellence in order to enable our partners and stakeholders to provide superior customer service.